Sweden: Working Together to Serve Others

Because it offers some of the best benefits for refugees, Sweden has long been the desired destination of people fleeing from economic and social oppression. The recent influx of foreigners into a previously homogeneous society has created increasing unrest and concern among the local population. Our Agape ministry will help the Christian community respond to this need.

As the number of foreigners grows, their presence cannot be ignored. Agape Sweden wants to lead the way in forming a Christian coalition to address the issue of immigration, helping arriving refugees in practical ways and providing these people with a spiritual alternative to truly begin new lives.

Ethnic minorities living in Sweden are often victims of trauma, face dramatic change, tend to be marginalized and are unable to integrate into Swedish culture. Having left their homelands and faced with many existential questions, many are open to the Gospel. This gives the Body of Christ a unique opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus by providing practical help and support.

Together with like-minded partners, in 2016 Agape Sweden will call Christians together for a forum to create a coalition to coordinate refugee support activities. The forum will also be an opportunity for the Christian community to mobilise and equip volunteers for service among refugees in their local areas.

This coalition will promote ongoing cooperation resulting in more volunteers trained and engaged in refugee help and immigrant outreach. The impact will improved relations between churches and a new mobilisation of the Body of Christ for evangelism, discipleship and practical help for people on the fringes of local society.

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