Under the Spotlight

Under the Spotlight highlights and explores cities in Europe where spiritual influencers are transforming their communities for God.

They are in our classrooms, our communities, and our cities. They take chances and move things forward. They are passionate. They are innovative. They are bold. They look for people with the same heart because they realise they can’t do things alone. Their love for God inspires them. They are spiritual influencers.

If you’ve ever met a spiritual influencer, you know the profound and eternal impact these men and women can have. To highlight a few of the spiritual influencers living in Europe, Agape Europe enlisted Luke Sanders (creator of YouTube channel SLM Beyond) to make “Under the Spotlight,” a YouTube mini-series. Each episode highlights Europeans in a particular context who are involved in something extraordinary. 

In the mini-series, you meet spiritual influencers in five different countries, as Luke asks questions and learns about their experiences. For the first video, Luke travels to Delft, Netherlands and interviews university students, including an Agape student leader. The students explain how they work together and what motivates them to collaborate. Though they come from different ministries and church backgrounds, they join hands to make an impact at their university.

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The second episode takes place in Lyon, France where another group of young people bring people together. An aspiring director explains how her Agape Student group sold out a theatre for their production of Narnia. Their passion brings many people together. Passion also motivates the volunteers and Agape staff members at an extraordinary hostel on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, featured in episode three. For episode four, Luke journeys to Greece to discover a ground-breaking partnership. For the fifth and final episode in the series, a group of musicians in Rome, Italy overcome university stress through music and community.

Mixing interviews and light-hearted content, Luke brings viewers along to experience what is happening in Europe. Themes such as unity and collaboration emerged through his interactions. The local influencers invited Luke to their activities. He explored how they cultivate change and was able to put their work “under the spotlight.” 

Subscribe to Agape Europe’s YouTube channel so that you can watch each new episode as soon as it’s released. The first episode was released on September 21st. You won’t want to miss this inside view of what God is doing in Europe. No matter where you live or how old you are, you can be a spiritual influencer too. Perhaps you already are one!

Under the Spotlight

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