Walking a Trail that Leads to Faith

A creative new tool, originally designed to help young professionals share their faith in the workplace, is spreading across Europe.

In many ways it looked like any Tuesday night gathering of their small group. The ten young professionals, coming from various parts of London, sit around the table littered with smartphones and mugs of coffee and tea. But tonight the table is also covered with brightly coloured cards that have made for lively conversation.

The group is working with a new tool called “The Biscuit Trail”. Through an interactive process, the cards help the group discuss steps they could each take with their colleagues to point them to Christ.

The front of each card outlines some part you can play in helping a person on a journey toward knowing Jesus.  The back of each card gives some tips to help you take that step, along with an short story to illustrate how this might look in real life.

Each person who works through “The Biscuit Trail” can decide what step they would like to take next and the whole group can encourage them in this step. There may also be steps that the group would like to learn more about. Many of Agape’s tools as well as other resources can help the group grow in their understanding of each card.

By the end of this Tuesday night, members of the group are snapping photos on their phones of different cards; choosing a step to take with a specific colleague over the next week. One member of the group, Nicole, shared that her greatest struggle is knowing what to say if someone wants to know how they can begin a relationship with Jesus. The group decides that next time they meet they will look together at some tools that would help them explain faith.


Not all things are best done in one go and sharing faith is sometimes one of those things. However, this group now has a clear and colorful path they want to follow.

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