We Escaped like a Bird from a Hunter’s Snare

Encounters with Persecuted Christians in Iraq

“Tell our story to others. Don’t forget us!”

Andrea Wegener’s new book tells the story of persecuted Christians in northern Iraq fleeing the terror of IS troops.

As part of the GAiN (Glibal Aid Network) Disaster Relief Team, Andrea Wegener (Agape staff member in Germany) was in Iraq when IS gave Christians in Mossul an ultimatum: leave the city or be killed. Many of them left immediately, heading for Erbil, and some ended up sharing the same apartment where Andrea and other aid workers were staying.

During her first visit in fall 2014, she experienced first-hand how the refugee crisis became more dangerous every day as IS militias took more territory in Iraq, causing tens of thousands of Christians and other minority groups to flee. Andrea met personally with numerous people, taking time to listen to and then write their stories of terror, being violently chased from their homes and towns, fleeing, and also faith in God. For Christians in northern Iraq, this is a familiar pattern that did not just begin with the rise of IS. Another trip to Iraq in 2015 gave her the opportunity to hear more stories and gain insight to write this book.

Now she has compiled these experiences in a new book, Entkommen aus dem Netz des JägersWe Escaped like a Bird from the Hunter’s Snare – taken from Psalm 124:7. In her new book, Wegener highlights the challenges, losses and hope of Christians fleeing the terror of militant Islamists through a mixture of reports, personal portraits and historical outlines of events leading to the current situation.

Andrea Wegener

Commuications and Pubic Relations Director, Campus für Christus (Germany)

Andrea has been on staff in Germany since 2007. In addition to her work leading the communications team, she enjoys taking part in humanitarian aid projects around the world. She has also written a book about her experiences working with GAiN in Haiti - Ein Quäntchen Trost. Click here to order.

Klaus Dewald

Founder and Director, GAiN Germany

Klaus Dewald, founder and director of GAiN Germany, shares his impressions of the situation in Iraq and the inspiring faithfulness of so many Christians who suffered at the hands of IS soldiers. “Those who had lost everything were the ones who stood fast in faith and sang songs of praise to God. On the one hand, unthinkable suffering, on the other, unshakeable faith in God.”

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