WOW God! in Switzerland

Jesus at the center!


Christian youth met in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen from 16-18 September to hear the Gospel and show their enthusiasm as followers of Jesus. 

Look at what happens when 20 regional churches come together:

  • Some 3,800 people gather in the BBC Arena in Schaffhausen to worship God.
  • A very professional event was made possible by the participation of 345 volunteers staffing the bar, working as hosts, doing security, cleaning, prayer and the on-stage program.
  • About one ton of clothing in 240 bags was collected for needy people in Eastern Europe.
  • Hundreds of people took steps of faith toward God and over one hundred expressed a desire for a closer connection with a local church.
  • Denominational boundaries faded into the background as Jesus was clearly in the forefront.

Visit the WOWGod website (in German) and their Facebook page.

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