What We Do

Agape Europe works to make Jesus Known. Our vision is for Jesus to be known so lives are changed and Europe is transformed.

What We Do

  • We pray for Europe
  • We model a life of love and empower others. We are each invited to make Jesus known.
  • We equip others by sharing tools and resources with other organisations, as we learn from them.
  • We mobilise people, churches and organisations to make an eternal impact together.
Find out about our work with students

It’s easy to live in the moment. Your grades, your life, your future. Sharing the gospel is the last thing on your mind. But it’s the most important thing! You are never going to have more access to your friends than you do right now. Now is the best time to share your faith with your friends. You can be part of SHINE or Agape at your secondary school or university.

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See ways leaders are influencing and adding value

Three out of four Europeans live in cities. Cities influence the world, enrich culture and spread ideas. Cities are home to different ethnicities, philosophies and languages. We also see suffering and spiritual brokenness in cities. Leaders can help people in their cities encounter God’s love. Joining hands with top-level leaders, we want every person in every community to have the opportunity to know God personally.
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Discover what's happening online

We want to help a digital generation to get to know Christ and become multipliers. Let's make Jesus known using innovative digital pathways. It’s all about knowing people and journeying together. There is a growing digital community of Agape Europe staff and volunteers who want to collaborate to make Jesus known in Europe using digital strategies. 
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Hear about Global Projects

From the beginning, the heart of Agape Europe has been to impact the whole world for Christ. European cities are globally influential and culturally diverse, so we can impact the world from our cities. Each of us can grow in our commitment to God’s mission in the world. We also want to welcome qualified and called people from other countries to serve alongside us as well.

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Find Out about Partnerships with Organisations and Churches

Our desire is to see as many followers of Jesus as possible involved in reaching the cities of Europe. This means working together with churches, organisations and others to make an eternal impact. We emphasise partnering broadly with those who share the basic elements of faith that unite us in Christ.

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See the emphasis on city transformation

Now is the time to make Jesus known. As Agape, we focus our efforts on cities and centres of influence in Europe, where 75% of the population lives and where cultures are being shaped. From Europe’s diverse and complex cities, we have the opportunity to reach the world. In this booklet, you will learn more about who we are, what we are doing and where we are headed.

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