Ministry Priority Areas – Leadership Structure

Agape Europe practices team leadership at the local, national and regional levels. Each member of the leadership team is supported by a core group that implements plans and ensures good communication with the national organisations. Click on each box to learn more.

University Students & Youth

Working on university campuses and in schools, Agape Student and Youth outreach strategies present the gospel message to young people who will be tomorrow's leaders.

Leader: Maarten Gast


  • Aaron Groff
  • Ed McKell
  • Henk Veltman
  • Mike Zurbrügg

Leaders & Influencers

Working to engage current leaders with the message of Christ and support them in their faith. 

Leader: John McNeill


  • Rubén Fernandez - AiA
  • Bailey & Denise Marks - City Ministry
  • Beat Rink - Crescendo
  • Tiny Veltman - FamilyLife

Leadership Development & Human Resources

Caring for our most precious resource - people. Cultivating the next generation of leaders.

Leader: Ruth McNeill


  • Paul Duncan
  • Shelly Gilmore
  • Deb Groff
  • Bart Meijer

Foreign Missions / Humanitarian Outreach

Practical help for those in need motivated by a desire to share God's love with others.

Leader: Kurt Burgherr


  • Klaus Dewald
  • Paul Lindberg

Agape Europe Leadership Team (ALT)

Made up of Ministry Priority Area Leaders and their spouses

Digital Strategies

Making the message of Christ available to the online public to lead people to faith and help them grow in relationship with God and other Believers.



  • Ray Meister
  • Marf Meister

Fund Development

Promoting a culture of faithful generosity to cultivate and access resources for our work.

Leader: Horst Reiser


  • Martha Conrad
  • Tracy König
  • Bart Meijer
  • Astrid Murfitt

Church Partnerships

Mobilising, equipping and partnering with like-minded Christians to share a message of hope.

Leader: Javier Garcia


  • Markku Happonen
  • Gerard Lanniée
  • Josep Monells
  • Seppo Niemeläinen
  • Hanspeter Nüesch


Making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Includes IT, finances and communications.

Leader: Kurt Burgherr (Operations)   


  • Maria Jahnke
  • John Gilmore